1) Where are CCX‘s shares traded?

CCX´s shares are registered for negotiation in B3 under ticker "CCXC3". The shares are traded in Novo Mercado, the highest level of corporate governance rules. CCX share capital is is composed of a single class of common shares.

2) What are the rights of CCX‘s common shares?

Each common share entitles its holder to one vote at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings.

It is given to the Company shareholder´s the right to receive dividends or other distributions made in respect of ordinary shares in proportion to their shareholdings in the Company‘s share capital.

In case of liquidation of the Company, its shareholders will receive payments for the remainder of their capital in proportion to their shareholding in the Company.

The shareholders have preemptive rights in the subscription of new shares issued by the Company, pursuant to the Brazilian Corporations‘ Law, but are not required to subscribe future capital increases if they do not desire to do so.

Pursuant to the Novo Mercado, CCX‘s common shares have tag-along rights which enable their holders, upon the sale of a controlling interest in the Company, to receive in exchange for their shares 100% of the price paid per common share for the controlling block.

3) How and when does CCX disclose its information?

All CCX’s material facts, earnings results and other notices to the market are published simultaneously at CVM/B3 and at the investor relations area of the company’s website (http://ri.ccx.com.br)

Complete financial statements are published annually on the newspapers Diário Oficial do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and Monitor Mercantil. Other information about the Company also may be obtained on the website of B3 (http://www.bmfbovespa.com.br) and at the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM (www.cvm.gov.br).

4) How to invest in shares?

To invest in CCX´s shares or any company listed on a stock exchange you must contact a stockbroker. The list of brokerage firms operating in Brazil is available on the B3 website (www.bmfbovespa.com.br).

The broker is who effectively acts on the capital market, being the intermediary between investors on transactions in stock exchanges. The broker must be licensed by the Central Bank of Brazil, the CVM (Brazilian Securities Commission) and the stock exchanges themselves. Also known as "stock brokerage companies", they purchase and sell shares, distribute securities, manage portfolios and investment funds, issue shares to the public and intermediate foreign exchange operations. These financial institutions operate physically in the stock exchanges, trading securities exclusively at B3 ‘s live voice or electronic (homebroker) trading sessions. Stockbrokers also are required to make the system safe and assure the liquidity of the securities.The majority of the large commercial banks own stock brokerages that are authorized to operate on the financial markets. However, by regulation, the stock brokerages are legally separated from the banks. When someone "trades through the bank", in fact, they are trading through the bank‘s stock brokerage company. The rules that apply to these stock brokerages are the same that apply to the others.

5) How can a CCX shareholder check his/her share position? Whom should a CCX shareholder contact in the event of change of address?

Itaú Corretora de Valores S.A, CCX‘s shares custody agent, sends a summary of the shareholder‘s ownership position to his/her address whenever there is transaction of shares, or payment of dividends / interest on shareholders equity as well as information for the preparation of income tax returns. For this, it is fundamental that each shareholder‘s address be kept up to date with the custody agent. The shareholder can also, at any time, visit any branch office of BancoItau and request a summary of his/her CCX share ownership position.

Changes of records can be made at any BancoItau branch office. To do so, shareholders must present notarized copies of their ID, tax-payer contribution number and proof of residence.

Shareholders whose custody is carried out by the Brazilian Clearing and Depository Corporation (CompanhiaBrasileira de Liquidação e Custódia - CBLC) should consult their positions at the stock brokerage through which they made their investments. Every time a data alteration is required, the shareholders whose custody is through the Brazilian Clearing and DepositoryCorporation must contact the stockbroker through which the investments were made.

6) What is a custody agent?

The custody agent is the institution in Brazil that registers the shares in the name of those who purchase them and guarantees them as property. CCX‘s custody agent is Itaú Corretora de Valores S.A.

7) How can I contact the Investor Relations area?

CCX Carvão da Colômbia S.A.
Rua Lauro Müller, 116, 24º andar, sala 2403, parte,
Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Atendimento: (0xx21) 2163-6240
Tel.: +55 21 2163 6481

Miguel Cesar de Araujo Pereira Burlamaqui
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Investor Relations Officer